Welcome to Texas Housing Foundation

The Resident Services Department of the Texas Housing Foundation is committed to providing social services and referrals for our residents, coordinating activities, strengthening families, and supporting independent and healthy living for seniors all in a professional and caring atmosphere.

Objectives of the Resident Services Department include:

  • Increasing the social life of elder residents
  • Advancing independent living for the elderly
  • Providing emergency transportation for medical appointments
  • Assisting and advocating in the process of applying for social and health services
  • Performing home visits and follow ups on residents with special needs
  • Providing referrals to non-profit organizations and government agencies for qualified residents
  • Providing summer activities for children of residents
  • Promoting resident safety and neighborhood watch activities
  • Providing wellness programs for all residents
  • Promoting resident volunteerism
  • Promoting community interaction to achieve self-sufficiency of all residents

The Resident Services Department of the Texas Housing Foundation was created with the purpose of assisting our residents in achieving their personal and family goals, extending independent living for seniors, and helping residents become self-sufficient while they reside in our high quality facilities.

The Resident Services Department is comprised of a skilled and knowledgeable staff that combine extensive experience and professionalism with a strong commitment to service. The staff continually assesses needs to develop and provide optimal services that cater to specific household circumstances. These attributes along with our comprehensive understanding of community resources allow us to provide accurate information and referrals when necessary.